What Separates One Advisor Or Financial Firm From The Next?

A common response from investors is, “Not a lot.”  And that sentiment is not incorrect with most firms.  The financial services industry is becoming much more focused on asset management.  Each firm focuses on gaining more and more of clients’ assets to manage so they can charge a fee on those assets. 

But what services do clients receive for their fee?  So much has been written about clients’ needs to be aware of funds, fees, and performance.

What if much of what we have learned about investing is wrong?

Of course funds, fees, and performance are important to an investment portfolio, but can fees and performance out perform a change in tax treatment upon retirement?

Do you know what tax-rates will be when you retire?  Of course not, but how often is your Advisor discussing options and strategies to mitigate uncontrollable risks?

LF Wealth Advisors manages assets, with access to the same investments, tools, and expertise as nationally recognized firms.  And we too manage assets in a fee-based environment.  But what we have recognized is that very few client situations are the same as one another, even with the same risk tolerance.

Our value proposition is that we are going to challenge the status quo, we look to educate our clients on investment strategies so they can make an educated decision, and we use a sophisticated financial planning process and technology that will “flight simulate” your financial future, potential decisions you have to make along the way, and provide a blueprint for each stage of your financial lifecycle. 

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Our Unique Approach

LF Wealth Advisors takes a creative approach to managing your financial assets. We are your financial Advocate. With years of experience in collaborating with high net worth clients with complex situations we have created a planning process to help identify and prioritize what’s important to you and your loved ones. We integrate all of your personal and financial goals and objectives into a comprehensive plan. We help clients understand the risks and rewards of wealth and design the right strategy to work for you. We customize a wealth blueprint that combines expertise with sophisticated technology to optimize your results and help achieve your financial goals. With our innovative planning tools, we can visualize different potential future outcomes for different kinds of financial scenarios.